1 Navy ‘Together we can, Together we will’

08 March 2024

This term 1 Navy have been busy learning about the GIVE virtue ‘Teamwork’. Students have learnt about virtue knowledge, virtue reasoning and virtue practice.

In 1 Navy students have explored the following questions: 

  • What does it mean to work in a team?

  • What is cooperation?

  • Is our class a team?

  • How can we work together?

In 1 Navy students know that Teamwork is:

  • Working together for the benefit of everyone. 

  • Understanding each other’s needs and strengths. 

  • Following an agreed set of rules and encouraging one another.

  • Being cooperative, helpful and working together.


To celebrate the virtue of ‘Teamwork’ 1 Navy will be presenting a spectacular dance at the Week 6 assembly based on the DreamWorks Animation "TROLLS"