2022 Children's Kindness Convention

15 June 2022

The 2022 Children's Kindness Convention was held at Pymble Ladies College on Wednesday, June the 15th. Tangara was invited to send two ambassadors from Year 5 to attend. Lucia B and Emma M were chosen to represent Tangara, and what wonderful representatives for our school they were! This was a very special occasion that brought together children from a range of schools in Sydney to promote and share kindness. The girls attended workshops, listened to guest speakers, and enjoyed getting to know children from other schools.

Lucia thought the most valuable part was meeting new children and sharing kindness with each other. Her take-home memory came from Jack Berne, founder of A Fiver for a Farmer, and his message that children can do BIG things and can influence their surroundings.

Emma enjoyed working collaboratively with others on the poster creation and learning about Billie Kinder, who died tragically at 12 years old. Billie was a child who always cared for those who did not feel popular and always had a smile on her face and empathy for those around her.

We hope we can all learn from their ideas and all become a little kinder. Thanks girls!