2022 HSC results

15 December 2022
Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for their outstanding HSC results! Overall Tangara ranked 73rd in the list of best-performing schools in NSW!
Each of the girls should be proud of their hard work and feel encouraged in taking their next steps outside of school. This result is a testament to the girls' dedication, industriousness and of course the guidance from our teachers.
From the Class of 2022, 16 girls were also honoured in the Distinguished Achievers list (achieving a Band 6 in at least one subject). Of those 16, Madison L, Claudia L and Ruby T also appeared in the All-Rounders list (achieved a Band 6 in 10 or more units).
"These results are a culmination of a 13-year journey. We congratulate all our students for achieving academic and personal excellence. While I’m obviously pleased with our HSC results once again this year, I take this opportunity to reaffirm our primary goal and purpose at Tangara: to work hand-in-hand with parents to form women of good character." - Rita Sakr, School Principal.