A Guide to Lockdown Learning

02 August 2021

As Sydney went into an extended four week lockdown after already completing four weeks at home, our principal Rita Sakr joined fellow school principals Lourdes Mejia (Montgrove College) and Mary Broadsmith (Harkaway Hills College) to discuss the challenges many school parents, teachers, and students are facing on The Parent-Teacher Project podcast. 

For Mary Broadsmith, this lockdown was the fifth one she had to lead Harkaway Hills College through. She admits that it doesn't get easier and that motivation quickly declines when there is no end in sight to a stay-at-home order for parents, teachers and students alike.

All three principals admitted this time isn't easy, and while the teachers and mentors at their schools had swiftly transitioned into online learning, the school day should have different expectations attached to it when it is held online and with the distractions of learning from home. Mrs Sakr, Miss Mejia and Mrs Braodsmith provided a host of suggestions for parents and teachers to think about as they navigate remote learning, not only for their students but for them as well. 

"Next time they're in the kitchen, think about how maths can be incorporated, or out in the garden to stop and think about how things grow and have a discussion about that...They can learn in so many ways."

To hear the words of encouragement and advice, head to the podcast episode using this link, or search 'The Parent-Teacher Project' on any podcast platform.