Introducing the Tangara Music Academy

01 March 2022

We’re excited to announce a new initiative in 2022: the Tangara Music Academy. This year, we’ve rebranded our school’s co-curricular music program with the goal of offering students a diverse selection of ensembles starting from Prep all the way to Year 12. Our aim is to provide musicians of all skill levels with enriched learning opportunities through access to our highly skilled tutors, while also providing opportunities to perform and grow as young artists.

Along with Tangara’s regular Choirs, Classical Chamber Ensemble, Wind Ensembles, String Ensembles and Contemporary Bands, the school will be sporting a new Stage Band and Jazz Vocal Ensemble in 2022. The Tangara Music Academy is welcoming three new tutors, taking the number of Peripatetic Music staff to 11. Mrs Tamika Crosbie is a celebrated performer and educator from Tasmania, and she will be overseeing the Academy’s Senior Vocal Group, working with our Primary Choirs while also teaching singing. Tangara is also excited to introduce two award-nominated and internationally accomplished piano teachers: Miss Rachael Lin and Mrs Lee Akinsanya. If you would like to meet all of our teachers please view their biographies here.

The Academy currently supports 115 students undertaking private tuition, as well as 208 primary students and 60 senior students in our ensemble program. With over 130 instruments distributed already in 2022, we’ve had a great start to the year!