Monsignor Fernando Ocariz, Prelate of Opus Dei, visits the school

24 August 2023
We were privileged yesterday to host Monsignor Fernando Ocariz, the Prelate of Opus Dei. Mrs Sakr, Fr Paul and Fr John took him on a tour of our wonderful school, meeting students, staff, parents and friends of Tangara.
Don Fernando is the third successor of St Josemaria, whose teachings inspired the foundation and ethos of Tangara and the other Pared schools, centred on the fact that parents are the primary educators of their children, and that schools should aid the teachings at home.
The tour commenced at the Chapel where Don Fernando met the Secondary school. After blessing a special plaque that will accompany Our Lady in a future outdoor prayer area, Mrs Sakr recounted the story of Blessed Don Alvaro’s visit to Tangara in 1987, in which he helped plant the iconic eucalyptus gum tree which is part of our school crest. A special moment was when Don Fernando continued the tradition by helping finish planting two ornamental pear trees outside the Chapel.
Other highlights included meetings with the class parents, mentors, and teachers, including Old Girls who have returned as staff, Primary’s performance of the school song, and students lining up around the school with balloons and greeting cards in different languages. Don Fernando also judged a St Josemaria drawing competition!
In his address, Don Fernando echoed St Josemaria’s message, that we are called to be saints by performing our ordinary duties with love and care. Thank you for coming Father, for sharing your joy, wisdom and prayers with us.