Learning about Natural Disasters in Science

05 July 2021

Alessandra has written a poem about a Cyclone:


I peer out the glass panel to take a look,

I stumble onto the floorboards as the ground shook.

The grey mist, was swallowing the sky,

As the whistling winds make a screeching cry.

In the horizon, all I could see was a twirling cloud coming for me,

It was as loud as a lion's roar, this was simply a sound no one had ever heard before.

The mist starts to stray, as the bewildering noises fade away,

Will this horror arrive again? 

I guess we'll have to wait till then.

Suddenly the leave bearing trees, become empty and twirl around.

There were preposterous craters in the obliterated ground.

WHOOSH! I’m twirling into the sky.

I look down, I’m up so very high.

‘Where am I?” I start to scream,

It’s so scary, is it a dream?

I am catapulted back down, flying so very fast,

I collide into the lush, green grass.

I look up and what I see is now so very clear,

It’s a cyclone, twirling, coming over here!