Outstanding Olivia

29 December 2021


During the school holidays Olivia, Year 8, competed at the NSW Senior Age Swimming State Championships across a range of short and long-distance events. It was an exciting experience, with all the races being filmed and streamed to a live TV audience. All swimmers were led to line up behind the blocks and were introduced via announcement one by one, just like in the Olympics!

Olivia has only recently begun swimming at a Senior Age level, with the format and competition demands differing from the Junior Age stream. Swimmers have preliminary rounds in the day with the aim of qualifying in the top ten to then race in the finals later in the evening.

Congratulations to Olivia in qualifying for the Nationals in the 5km Open Water event and for her efforts in the Senior State Championships, where she was in the top 8 in 800m freestyle and top 9 in 400m freestyle in NSW.

Tangara is so proud to have such a dedicated athlete like Olivia at the school. She has been working very hard to manage the transition from Carlile Swimming to the National Performance Squad, which involves quite a heavy training load and many early mornings. Despite the very busy schedule, Olivia manages her academic and swimming commitments with the utmost humility and maturity. We wish her all the best in her future swimming endeavours!