Year 10 Commerce Mock Election

15 August 2022

During the last week of  Term 2, the Year 10 commerce students were able to participate in their own class election as part of their learning on the topic of ‘Participation in the Democratic Process’. This was a day when the class broke up into different roles including; 2 parties (pink, yellow), the voting office, an independent candidate and our voters. Read Maree's and Rachael's accounts below!

Each party and the individual candidate made a presentation and speech as part of the election campaign to convince the voters to vote for their respective candidate. Our winning party (independent) discussed the issues of:

  1. Reducing the school day by 1 hour: Disagreed, as it would be detrimental to the education of our students, our mental health and our social lives.

  2. Bringing your own devices: Disagreed, as it would lead to further distraction in and outside the classroom.

  3. Natural dyed hair colour: Agreed, as this does not affect the education of students nor their mental capability to absorb knowledge and learn. 

Once all three parties stated their facts and issues, the class came together to vote. We did this in a very orderly manner as we wanted to simulate real elections. Our class teacher, Mrs Sahni, set up posters around the classroom, including areas to vote and our own ballot box. This was a great opportunity for our class as we were able to further understand the election process and be part of our own election.

 Maree S and Rachael H (Year 10)