Term 3 Recital Evening 2021

01 July 2021

At the end of Term 2 before lockdown happened, Tangara was able to host our Recital Evening 2021!


Music indeed is universal, and it has the ability to connect so many people across the world in many different ways. That connection was definitely felt on the night of June 11th, as the Tanagra CAPA teachers and grades prepared to deliver a performance the parents won't soon forget. I was given the honourable opportunity to open each act and be the MC for the evening, which was an exhilarating experience. Technical difficulties only made the night even more unique, and all the performances were executed beautifully.

An honourable mention to the Senior Vocal ensemble, Isabella, Year 10 contemporary ensemble, Claire, Chamber ensemble, Year 11 class, Karmina, Year 9 contemporary, Zofia and Year 12 class for creating a spectacular night by showing off their unmatched talent. I would like to thank all our ensemble directors and music teachers for all their dedication and hard work: Mrs Quinn, Mrs Harrison, Miss Montaos and Mrs Rasmussen.

Hopefully, we can see more performances in the future and for the future MC’s after me, I hope you have as enjoyable of an experience as I did. 

 Gaia, Creative Arts Captain 2021