Market Day

17 November 2022

At the beginning of Term 3, the Year 9 commerce students were given an Assessment Task to create the best Market Day ever seen at Tangara. Many had been waiting for this assignment since Year 2 when they first experienced Market Day, so excitement levels were high. In Term 4, Market Day took place, and it was a huge success! Read the joint account of Leala, Bernadette, Sara and Hannah below!

"We were first split into groups tasked with creating our own business. We were able to experience what it was really like to run a business, including its many challenges. But we were also able to take pride in the results of our hard work and dedication. We had to work collaboratively to form our business ideas including coming up with what products we sell, the business structure and location, and calculating the profit margins.

In our Term 3 Commerce lessons, we learnt how to advertise through different types of media such as the Radio, TV and social media. All groups were assigned the task of creating advertisement posters, Radio and Television ads. These advertisements were released on the Rust & Navy, Tangara's Instagram and Facebook pages, and our Radio ads were played during the morning school announcements to promote our products. 

After toiling hard for many weeks the day we had all been waiting for, arrived! We got our stalls ready and prepared for the stampede of students filing into Yarra Hall. It was like an actual market, and although chaotic, orders were collected and extra products were sold in a matter of minutes.

We also had additional activities such as a Lolly Guessing Jar competition, with many girls coming in to try their luck at the Lucky Dip Stall, and our “You choose, we play your favourite music” stall was non-stop fun. Grace won the competition with her guess of 1285 lollies, with the correct answer being 1289. Great job Grace! 

All profits were donated to Ward Angels' Christmas Appeal. Ward Angels is a volunteer-run non-profit organisation that provides support and supplies for children who are ill at Westmead and other Children’s hospitals. 

Overall, Market Day was a great success and we hoped everyone enjoyed all the toys, food and drinks!