Year 8 at The Great Aussie Bush Camp

07 September 2022

On Wednesday 24th of August, the Year 8 class embarked on a 3-day Camp held at The Great Aussie Bush Camp! Gabriela G was generous enough to share her experience with us! Read her account below: 


"On Wednesday 24th of August, Year 8 embarked on a 3-day Camp held at The Great Aussie Bush Camp. We had the opportunity to participate in many activities, both team and individual, and had a chance to build friendships. Some of the activities included abseiling, giant swing, mud run, treetops, leap of faith, kayaking, vertical challenge, movie night and trivia.

The abseiling, giant swing and leap of faith all involved heights, so it was good for us to do this activity since it helped build confidence and challenge ourselves, and students were able to get out of their comfort zone and have new and fun experiences. The treetops, kayaking and vertical challenge were all team-related activities where cooperation was needed.

We learnt the 3 c’s: Cooperation, Communication and Collaboration. These activities were also challenging since some people weren’t comfortable with these activities. It was a challenge by choice, so since everyone has a different comfort zone, everyone has different activities that they are comfortable with doing. We had lots of fun during the trivia night since it was a team activity and we had many laughs during the night. 

Thanks so much, Mrs Hayward, for organising our camp, everyone had lots of fun, got to know each other and built new friendships. It was an overall great and new experience!"