22 March 2023

On Wednesday 22 March, the students from Years 7 – 12 participated in STEM workshops. Students worked collaboratively and planned, designed and build structures using their knowledge of mathematics and engineering design.

  • Year 7 took part in the Sierpinski Triangle Origami Challenge which explores the various ways origami is used in engineering processes
  • The Year 8 students were involved in constructing Easter baskets out of paper and designed structures for a raw egg to survive a drop of approximately 4m from a balcony in the Egg Drop Challenge.
  • Year 9 will create a geodesic dome out of straws. Geodesic domes are commonly used in the creation of soccer balls, greenhouses and even play equipment in parks.
  • Year 10 will be designing and building bridges using spaghetti. The bridge that can carry the most weight will be the winner.
  • Year 11 students will design and construct a roller coaster out of paper. The challenge will be to create a roller coaster that includes loops, jumps and funnels.

Thank you to Mrs De Kock and the Mathematics department for organising the STEM workshops and providing these enriching experiences for our girls. At Tangara we see our girls, day in and day out, enthusiastically engaged in myriad activities, taking risks, and demonstrating leadership skills and confidence!