Tangara announces its 2023 Student Leadership Team

30 September 2022

We are excited to officially announce and congratulate Tangara's 2023 Leadership Team! Our School Captain is Gabrielle P, and our Vice Captain is Natalie G. We also welcome Margaret G, Gabrielle T, Madeleine S, Therese M and Elysia C who are also next year's School Leaders. The House Captains have also been elected: Raquel S and Josephine D for Sienna, Andrea S and Liana T for Atlantis, Judith B and Ashlee W for La Mancha, and Samantha H and Dominique S for Tintagel. 

"Leadership is a very important skill we aim to encourage daily in all our students, here at Tangara. Our families, community, and society need 'Tangara leaders'; girls with well-formed values and characters, who are not afraid to stand up for what is genuinely good, true, and beautiful." - Mrs Sakr, School Principal.

Congratulations girls! We wish you good luck as you commence your HSC year next term!