Recount of 2021 Athletics Carnival

16 August 2021

On Wednesday 16 June, the Tangara Athletics Carnival was held at Greenway Oval 2 at Cherrybrook. After unfortunately missing out on the Carnival last year, the girls were very excited to compete in a range of track events and demonstrate their House Spirit. Amidst a week of cloudy and dreary weather, the Carnival was blessed with a wonderful, sunny backdrop.

A lot of determination and fortitude was displayed, with many students entering multiple events and supporting their peers loudly and passionately the entire day. The house Captains and Vice-captains did a fantastic job organsing cheers and getting all students involved. It was also wonderful to see so many Year 3 and 4 students participating in their first-ever Tangara Athletics Carnival!

Thank you to all of the Tangara staff who made the running of the day possible. Your enthusiasm and assistance are, as always, greatly appreciated. Also, thank you to all of the parents who attended the day and showed their support for their daughter/s and Tangara. In particular, thank you to the Year 8 parents who generously gave their time to assist with the canteen, which proved to be a massive hit on the day.  

Reflecting on the current circumstances, Tangara was so blessed to have the opportunity to hold the day. We are already looking forward to next year's Carnival!   

Carnival Results

House points

A massive thank you to all of our House Captains and Vice-Captains for their effort and energy on the day. Congratulations to Atlantis on being the winning house of 2021! Congratulations to La Mancha for being awarded the house Spirit trophy this year!









La Mancha








 Age Champions

 Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top three of their respective age group:







8 Years

Miriam Y

Selina H

Felicity B

9 Years

Clara M-S

Mia M

Melody J

10 Years

Isabella A

Sarah J

Georgette L

11 Years

Yumin O

Sophie T

Rachel F

12 Years Primary

Ruby S


Tiffany P


Taylor Jane H

12 Years Secondary

Anastasia L


Sarah M.O 


Joelle N

13 Years

Rachel R

Clare T

Victoria M

14 Years

Mollie F

Claudia A

Siannah M

15 Years

Ashlee W

Liana T

Charlotte C

16 Years

Kaitryel P

Elouise P

Judith B

17 Years

Sumika N

Emma del R

Ainara R

18 Years

Hannah S

Isabella R

Isabella C


 Well done to Emma in Year 11 for winning the annual 'Fastest Runner at Tangara' 100m sprint!