Term 3 KPF with Dr Karen Bohlin

10 July 2023

Raising children these days can feel harder than others, with the amount of information, stimulus and media at our and our children’s fingertips. That’s why Dr Karen Bohlin addressed the parents of Tangara and Redfield on Wednesday night – to encourage and equip them with the virtues, skills and interior compass they need to aim for whatever goals they have for themselves. 

The Key Parent Function was titled, “Parenting Without Losing Your Mind: A Compass to Navigate with Joy and Purpose” and left our parents feeling re-energised to guide our children joyfully despite the day-to-day challenges. The 3 key takeaways from Dr Bohlin for our parents to practice with their children:


1. Show them unconditional love – so that they aren't afraid to come to us with their mistakes or when they are in trouble

2. Help them stay grounded - so that they realise what is most important amidst a world of distraction and information overload

3. Give them Agency – that we don’t tell them what to do or try to fix every situation but rather help them navigate their fears and temptations through virtue.