Year 11 State Library of NSW and ANZAC Memorial Excursion

20 May 2022

Recently, some of the Year 11 girls got to go to the  State Library of NSW and ANZAC Memorial for a class excursion. Read the join reflection from two of our girls for the full story!

Walking into the NSW State Library in Week One felt as though we stepped into another realm of time. The library contained elaborate architecture and at the centre was a massive chamber which held 5 million books. A sight to behold!

It was a massive privilege for Year 11 Modern History, Ancient History and English Extension 1 Classes to visit the long-standing oldest library in Australia - the State Library of NSW. We were accompanied by Mrs Ellis, Mrs El-Rahi and Ms Nyelederhose. From Tangara, we ventured on a journey on the Metro and the event kicked off with a seminar by the State Librarian who explained the resources available within the library for our senior courses, both physical and digital and showed us how to access everything efficiently using their catalogue and various search engines. Once this seminar was over we had an opportunity to admire the intricate architecture of the State Library as well as the art gallery which included the original manuscript of The Man From Snowy River by Banjo Paterson. As a bonus, we even collected our complimentary Library Cards provided by the State Library. 

During lunch, we enjoyed the scenery and the pleasant weather at Hyde Park and soaked up the city vibe while walking to the Anzac Memorial. With a sombre and respectful attitude, the combined Year 11 classes walked up the stairs of the Anzac Memorial building, in awe of the marvellous historical structure that stood before us. At the large doors of the building, we were greeted by two guards who guided us into the building called the Hall of Memory. They educated us on the architectural significance of the historical structure, which captivated and engaged all of us. The building features a magnificent monument created by Rayner Hoff in the centre of the Hall of Silence titled ‘Sacrifice’, which we gazed down upon from the height of the Hall of Memory.

The monument was the main topic of interest for most of us students and teachers. We then walked down the stairs to the Home Soil Walls which displayed soil from the home suburbs of every soldier who fought for Australia in a war. After a long and exciting day, we headed back through the crowded city to the train station, where we began our journey back to Tangara on the Metro. 

Thank you to all the teachers who accompanied us on the trip, we are very grateful for your time and for making this experience a fun and safe event.

Kaitryel P and Margaret G