Year 4 Mother & Daughter Camp at Vision Valley

10 June 2022
Recently, our Year 4 classes got to go to Vision Valley for the Mother and Daughter camp. These camps are great opportunities for our girls to spend some quality time with their friends, classmates, and of course, their mothers. It's also a great way for the school's mums to get to know each other and their daughter's friends, all in a fun environment! Here are a few testimonies from one of the mothers and one of the students who attended. 
"It was a fabulous turnout for our Year 4 Mother and Daughter camp held at Vision Valley! We were blessed with great sunny weather and beautiful families who had an amazing time with all the activities, including a waterslide and roasting marshmallows by the campfire! Looking forward to sharing many more wonderful experiences!" Socheata - Year 4 Class Parent.
"Racing our canoes was pretty fun and so was archery. The food was delicious, and we also had fun at the campfire with marshmallows. Spending time with mum was very special." Grace - 4R